Herefordshire Museum Service Support Group

Herefordshire Council Outsourcing Project on Hold

Dear Supporter

The most important news we have for you is that the project to outsource the Council’s museum, library and archives services has been put on hold. This new policy is a result of a change in administration arising from the election earlier this year. The Cabinet Member for Contracts and Assets, Councillor Gemma Davies, has asked for more information before a decision is taken on whether outsourcing is likely to deliver any real benefits. She has indicated that there will be a ‘summit’ meeting to collect views in the Autumn. HMSSG hopes to attend that meeting and make the case for more investment and an ambitious strategy for the museum service.

It is very heartening to hear that the news administration considers the museum service an asset to be nurtured and is considering how funding for the service can be secured for the future. However, the very substantial funding cuts over the past few years have resulted in a skeleton staff and this, along with the inadequate display space in Broad Street and the poor condition of that building, mean that there are difficult issues to be addressed. We believe it is vital the service is places on a secure footing with the capacity and premises to deliver its full potential to the economic and cultural life of the county.

What you can do

While this review is underway it is important to continue to make the case for the importance of the museum service to our communities. Please write to your local councillor or to Gemma Davies to make your support know. Email addresses can be found at