The Museum collections

These are under custody of Herefordshire Council and include over 180,000 pieces of historic interest. Some are kept on display at Museum and Art Gallery above the Library in Broad Street,  or at the Black and White House in High Town, Hereford. But the majority are held in optimised conditions at the Museum Resources and Learning Centre in Friar Street, Hereford.

The Museum Staff

The museum staff have vital professional and specialist skills to care for the collections, and interpret them. They prepare exhibitions and events to appeal to a wide range of interests. In particular they support learning programmes for school children.

Independent Museums in Herefordshire

There are also a large number of independent Museums in Herefordshire. In Hereford itself these include Belmont Abbey, the Cider Museum, Hereford Light Infantry Museum, Hereford Society of Model Engineers, Mappa Mundi and Chained Library, Mayor’s Parlour, St John Medieval Museum, Chapel and Coningsby Hospital, and the Waterworks Museum. Find more details here.