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A new non-profit Museum organisation, run for Herefordshire people: Building on the report ‘The Future Resilience of Herefordshire’s Museum Service’; Development with suitable local Partner organisations: All income put back into the Museum service for public benefit; An expanded Museum Service – increased investment in staff and buildings; Focus on excellence and continued museum accreditation quality standards; The Collections should remain in Herefordshire Council ownership

We don’t support: Outsourcing the service by procurement based on lowest cost tender; Transferring the collections out of Herefordshire Council’s ownership; Continued budget cuts if the Museum Service remains within the Council

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Join the lobby on Friday 25 May 2018 at 9.30 am at Shire Hall (Meeting 10.30)

Attend Council Cabinet Meeting on Thursday 28 June 2.00 pm (lobby 1pm) Submit a Question in advance by Monday 25 June


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* Herefordshire Museum Service Support Group

Registered Charity 1171756